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Monday, August 15, 2011

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai( あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない。)

When was the last time I actually shed tears after watching an anime???I guess that was 3 years back when I watched Clannad.In the last 3 years I haven't come across any new anime that would actually leave the same the effect of emoness as clannad.That was until I came across Ano Hana.A 11 episode anime that aired in the spring of 2011,Ano Hana turns out to be the best anime on friendship I've ever seen till date.And yes it even goes past Angel Beats in that category.The anime potrays the feelings of all the characters so beautifully that it probably supercedes the type I have seen in any anime till date.The OP/ED themes are probably the best in the entire season.The ED especially matches the mood of the anime perfectly,and the parts in where it plays as a background music breings out the true emotions of the scenes.The story becomes more and more engaing as the series progresses and towards the end of the anime,I was literally in tears...

STORY: 9/10


Monday, January 10, 2011

Kalafina LIVE 2010-Red Moon

I could probably give a 100  reasons as to why I love Kalafina .This J-pop band remains my personal favorite even though it's popularity can't be compared to mainstream artists like Perfume,Utada hikaru etc....

The live DVD is something that I have been waiting for,ever since it was announced a few months..Thanks to some decent pirate the live's up for download on torrent..^_^


P.S Keiko is my waifu.... :P

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kolkata Anime Club(KAC)

The 12th of December saw the Birth of the first official anime club of Kolkata.After nearly a month of haggling with the dates on Facebook,we finally managed to choose a date to have our first meet.Many had decided to attend,but some pulled out later with the Facebook event page showed only 7 people attending!Nevertheless we decided to carry on on hold the meet as scheduled.The meet was held on a lazy sunday afternoon at a well known mall Kolkata i.e South City.I arrived there a good half an hour early and made my way to the food court where the meet was supposed to be held.After a bit of searching ,I found the KAC members seated near the KFC outlet.Our club president Nia(Nyaa~Chan as we fondly call her ^_^),was the first to recognise me and I soon enough I found myself seated among a small and dedicated otakuish group.10 mins later and after the arrival of a few more members  we started off our meet dot on time.."Introductions Please" ,as Nia said,and I was the first one to start,and soon the rest followed.Most members were closet otakus except for Nia who was a Japanese language student,and also a participant of the India Japan Student Conference(IJSC),her acquaintance with Japanese culture and language surpassed many of the Otkakus seated there.After getting acquainted with each other we started off with the formation of the administration and staff of the club,since the group was still at it's infancy we decided to remain dependent on individual contributions as well.It was nearly 3 by then and we decided to order in Some fast food and drinks,and we all started clicking pictures.
                              (The Group before the last 2 arrived...the final head count was 12..)

A little after 3 entered Reetam and his friend(from an anime club in pune).He opened his bag and WHAM! right in the center of the table was a copy of the american version of the Shounen Jump magazine!!!Some of our members went speechless,and I was wondering whether the stuff was real!!

                                  (The Holy Bible of all shounen manga fans..SHONEN JUMP!)

Our ramblings continued until 5pm,and then I suddenly realised that I had a semester exam the next day.We decided to call it a day and decided to finish it with another round of pictures.

                                               (Our entries into the Official Club Scrapbook)
Thus,ended the first ever KAC meet!!It was a truly exciting affair and it was the start of many things to come!!

Serious Stuff (Goals For KAC)
As told by Nia in the meet
We'll break the team in a five tier system:
It'll be there job to communicate and holler out event dates and other updates to confirmed members in Kolkata. The only ones with full access to all member contact details.
Incharge of coming up with Team logo, banners badges,pamphlets and all the other things we need in terms of visuals. This also includes Web designing and in later phases(long term) of our project the magazine. I want to re establish this also from before.It had to stop due to member shortage.
3>Event management 
Team incharge of all the monitoring and helpouts leading up to events.
4>Finance and recon
Team who'll find out details about registration procedure and cheap places to host events and all the necessary financial details of the team. Due to obvious reasons I have vouched against collecting fees before any event turn ups.
Includes 24X7 online people who'll holler at everyone to let em know what KAC is about and what events we organise. Includes Bloggers and avid Anime community members.

Our short term aim(Till end of Jan 2011)
Promote the club in order to gain more members.
Find out registration procedures.

Our long term aim
hosting two events each year.
On April The sping-Summer Anime fest and the Winter con.
These events will have it all from animation lectures from proffessionals to demo Japanese classes taken by the Japanese teachers to Anime marathon watch to cosplay and the like.

-Nia gets extremely irritated when we call her Nyaa-chan~,but Reetam and I agreed that Nyaa-chan sounded more Kawaii and Moeish...

-Kaushik chugged down nearly 2 litres of thums up,for some reason he was looking wasted after drinking all that

-Aditi-chan was the most enthusiastic of all the girls

-Sayanee-chan was practically in oblivion from my side of the table.The guys on this side of the table barely got to speak to her! T_T

-The Kid in the picture is now our club mascot Praytay!!

P.S...Just into a couple of hours after the Meet ended,we managed to get the attention of Manojit Chattopadhay,the founder of Kriyetic Comics.He expressed his desire to join our club!!!..


 And,Yeah I know I am a lazy blogger.....Please forgive me for that,and yeah I also know my blog's acting up..that's what you get for using a Wordpress theme on Blogger!

Official Club Page.(Facebook)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jpopsuki 2.0

There aren't really too many private trackers out there which cater to jpop music,mostly except for Jpopsuki.The private tracker supposedly has more than a 100,000 members,the only problem being the tracker is closed for registrations most of the time,and by most of the time I mean it's barely open at all!!Registrations open once a year only for 3-4 days around the 9-10th of sep.Other than that new users can only sign up through invites...well the problem is that most of the users who have a few invites to share are mostly faggish and extremely annoying!!!There was this guy who pissed me off to such an extent that I seriously felt like running him over with a steam roller...most of the fucktards act like they own a million dollar lottery ticket which just hit the jackpot..well fuck em'..enough of my rant..if anyone ever feels like inviting me then send me an invite at gandharaj@gmail.com...I might even be obliged!

Morning Moe~


So i was kinda looking for some more decent j-pop to listen...searching..searching I came across this girls on Metacafe...These girls are super kawaii!!..and a very decent electropo group....Their tracks are perfect to fill my morning with moeness..~

P.S..i seem to have some technical difficulties with my blog..I need to fix it fast!!..As soon as I finish fucking my exams!

More Info


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Morning Moe~

So,recently I started listening to 'moeish' and 'Kawaiish',J-pop singles in the morning...I'd say it seems to have some positive vibes...It manages to get me pumped up!!Particularly Since I hate to work,move out of the hose or do anything that requires physical effort.I do go to the gym from time,but mostly it's because of my mom's persuasion.



The single isn't all that great but it's definately a nice hear...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


神聖かまってちゃん (Shinsei Kamatte-Chan)  is probably one of the most wierest and one of the most awesome J-rock bands I have come across in recent times...I was initially recommended to listen to this by Dpsychc....of course his recommendations are always good ,but this one seemed to have exceeded my expectations...The band's title literealy translates into 'To kill a friend'..The band's music is wierd and sounds kinda like well...has a feel good feel to it..