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Battleship Yamato 2199

Honestly, I don't even remember when I watched a Space Opera in Anime before. It's been many years I guess. Battleship Yamato 2199 is considered to be the Japanese star wars is remake of a show which aired back in 70's and during its heyday was a big name back in Japan. But, how does it actually pan out? The remake is considered be very good, and something that fans appreciated, that said my own feelings towards the show remain mixed. The show does set up an excellent world ang premise which could have been set for greatness, but it didn't quite live up to the mark. The 25 episodes were a complete see saw, one episode was good, the next episode was utter garbage. This thing continued throughout and the show never quite got a foothold on the consistency of its quality. And, the predictable sub plots made things worse, especially how the subplots only aided as a distraction and held no meaning to the overall story. That said, there were places where the show completely  …
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So, it's finally over. Relife officially ended with it's 222nd chapter.  Relife was a manga I read by accident tbh. Not in the sense that I randomly picked it up, but it in the sense that the manga turned into something completely different than what I had intended it to be. With the premise set up to guiltrip people who are in the late 20's, relife did an excellent job of this throughout. Though, there were many times the story's pacing and direction was all over the place. Not to mention the science behind the Relife experiment, which when explained was honestly borderline stupid. But, what Relife great was it's characters, and the recurring theme of regrets . This all came into place especially in the last arc of the Manga where the mangaka did a stellar job giving some excellent tear jerking moments and despairing the readers of the idea of a forbidden/unachievable romance. It was romance done right in a Manga, something that I haven't seen in a long time. …

Saekano ( How to raise a boring girlfriend)

I tend to watch underrated Anime once in a while. There's always a hit and miss in doing so. Some turn out good, some turn out trash and some are like Saekano. Also, known as 'How to raise a boring girlfriend' , this show completely polarized my opinion of it till the end. For starters, there was forced ecchi fanservice was clearly unneeded for a show which was clearly trying to be a serious slice of life anime, but clearly what troubled me the most on the direction the show was heading. The first season for the most was mediocre, but not bad. The problem was in the second season where the show turned itself upside down, to the point I felt it lost its flavor and made me rage a bit about certain developments in the plot towards the end. One thing going good for it though was it's character development, which was really good. The show even though ended well, was pretty much really saved by the best girl of the show, who was there for MC at the end. The character develop…

Tsuki ga Kirie

Sometimes, the best stories are those simple subtle stories that touch your heart. Tsuki ga Kirie is exactly that, a story about pure, innocent love. Reminiscent of I"s, the Anime did a great job of wrapping up everything beautifully within the 12 episodes. Accompanied by  a pleasing art style, and a wonderful soundtrack, the end result was a heartwarming , sugar coated experience. Truly a wonderful watch.

Catching up with the Spice and Wolf anime.

1 month ,5 volumes and 1250 pages later I have caught up with whatever material the anime was adapted from. That said, it's been fun to read this series all this time , and while the anime does adapt a lot of the content from the novels, it hasn't shyed away from changing or removing some parts of the story together. The 5 volumes have been a fun read, but it's worthwhile to say the least, that not all volumes are specifically trying to centre itself on some major plot point, but rather it's varied in each volume. While the first couple of volumes were very fast paced, volume 5 in particular broke that and felt like there was greater emphasis between the dialogues between Lawrence and Holo, and everything else didn't feel quite as much important. That of course, gave a much more personal touch to the overall tone of the series , but it also gave an idea of what the story is truly about....... Perhaps it's not the destination that we have to look forward to, it …

Steins; Gate 0- A Dark Tale of Okabe Rinatarou That Time Forgot

IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN STEINS; GATE ,BUT YOU HAVE SEEN TOKYO GHOUL, YOU REALLY...REALLY... NEED TO IMPROVE YOUR SHIT TASTE IN ANIME)Ok, firstly it’s been a long time since I posted any sort of reviews as I consider myself nothing less of lazy. But, someone who’s an avid fan of the series I could not resist to post a review of this.
Steins; Gate 0 isn’t actually a sequel to Steins; Gate. It actually serves as a midquel to the original show/VN and fills in a lot of details that probably did not cross our mind. In terms of where the events of Steins; Gate 0 fits in the timeline, you all will need to jog your memory right towards where Okabe fails in his first attempt to open a path to Steins; Gate and is completely distraught. At that moment Okabe receives a video message from himself from the future who tells him …

The End of Monogatari

The Monogatari series is unique in the world of Anime. The art style, and the complete dependency on character interaction would probably make one think if this was a play.
Over the course of many years, starting with Bakemonogatri in 2009 , I have watched the series on and off with its highs and lows, but now I finally caught up with the series and finished off with Owarimonogatari Second Season, and I can say the series really was the epitome of story telling. An amazing, plot with an amazing set of characters, I probably never realised when I was in love with the show . Seeing it end felt like the end of a long journey. A journey that was every bit as memorable.
I hope that there are more Anime that are truly as good as this, but for me the Monogatari series will be without doubt one of the best Anime I have seen till date.*A post from my blog , from way back in 2009 when Bakemonogatri first aired.* Pic of Senjougah…